Senior Volunteer Program

Elder Care Services truly believes that volunteers are at the heart of our organization. The Senior Volunteer Program provides seniors 55 years of age and older the opportunity to fill numerous community needs, while keeping themselves active and engaged. Elder Care Services staff links volunteers to a wide variety of service activities in the 15-county area of the Big Bend. Senior Volunteers use their experience to tutor and mentor children, distribute food at food distribution sites, provide essential travel to other seniors, and serve the frail elderly and persons with disabilities in their home, among other service activities.

Senior Volunteer Program includes:

  • Foster Grandparent Program — Provides love and guidance to children with special or exceptional needs at schools, pediatric units and day care centers.
  • Senior Companion Program —Provides companionship to frail seniors along with many hours of respite care for families, both in their home and at our adult day center, Elder Day Stay.
  • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program — Provides seniors 55 years of age and older the unique opportunity to volunteer their time at local non-profit agencies, senior centers, museums, and more.
  • Seniors Transporting At-Risk Seniors (STARS) — Provides transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping and other vital errands.
portrait of Matthew Vossler

Matthew Vossler

Director of Volunteers and Engagement

portrait of Alexis White

Alexis White

Foster Grandparent Volunteer and Senior Companion Recruitment Coordinator

portrait of Deborah Latson

Deborah Latson

Senior Companion Volunteer Coordinator

portrait of Ronda Parrish

Ronda Parrish

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Assistant Director

portrait of Merita Stanley

Merita Stanley

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Volunteer Coordinator

portrait of Tiffane Zanders

Tiffane Zanders

Foster Grandparent Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers spend anywhere from an afternoon once a year to several hours each day offering their time, services, and expertise to our local community. If you are interested in volunteering, and you're over the age of 55, please contact Matthew Vossler at (850) 921-5554 or or apply online: Senior Volunteer Application: Senior Volunteer Application.