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September 1, 2014

Elder Care Services is fortunate to have continual support from funding agencies. The United Way of the Big Bend awarded its Community Human Service Partnership grants (CHSP) last month. If you read the Tallahassee Democrat article by Tamaryn Waters on Thursday, August 7th, you know that not every United Way Certified Agency was happy. Some were actually considering an appeal because they received no funding at all. Our share amount is second to the Shelter’s,  and I am proud to report that the award amount for 2014-15 has increased for the second year in a row. This is a testament to the good work we do and to our staff’s ability to articulate our value in the community.

For those of you who are unaware of the grant process, here is how it works. We submit our proposal in February and make a presentation to a citizens’ review team in May. The team assesses each of our programs, lists general comments and any findings that need to be addressed and completes the evaluation before the end of July.  To my extreme pleasure, there were no unfavorable findings noted again this year and the general comments were very complimentary. The United Way evaluators were “enlightened” by our volunteer testimonials, pleased with our board representation and budget presentation and impressed at our ability to leverage local funding. In their words “the application was very thorough, it included specific details and justified the need for the program.”

All of the Elder Care Services teams’ hard work, determination and focus continues to pay dividends. We are fortunate to have such a committed group of professionals, such a dedicated and highly invested set of board members and the best group of volunteers anyone could ever ask for. My collective thanks to all of you for helping us continue to be the best of the best in the Florida panhandle.

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