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President’s Point

January 1, 2015

In economic terms, 2014 was important for Elder Care Services. The year unfolded with numerous challenges and opportunities that were met head-on and mostly resulted in successful outcomes. All in all, we are excited about new ways to improve our fiscal standing. We consider ourselves fortunate because, unlike 2013’s budget sequestration problems, we had no surprises to address.

In January 2014, we began our first full year as a subcontractor with United Healthcare under the Long Term Managed Care program – a substantial endeavor that has reaped many benefits. We brought on more than twenty new staff members, worked very hard to get our case managers trained on a new care management system, and made sure client data was accurate and up-to-date. The contract has stabilized our budget and restructured our management system. As a result, we have better met the needs of our existing clients and introduced new ones to enhanced services. 

Elder Care Services also benefitted from funding increases in the form of a larger state appropriation for Community Care for the Elderly and greater support from the United Way for the second year in a row. We signed a new contract with Second Harvest to provide meals for the federally funded Summer Food Program and had our first ever Oktoberfest sell out.

The increase in funding has caused the year to end on a high note. We added forty more families to our Elder Elf list and made the holiday season brighter for the area’s most needy seniors. We were recruited to be the non-profit associated with this year’s downtown New Year’s Eve celebration, which I hope will pay huge dividends now and into the future. I am also happy to report that we were able to provide holiday gift cards and a year-end bonus for everyone on our dedicated and hard working team. As we ring in the new year, we can all feel good about providing healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

I would like to close by extending heartfelt appreciation and warm wishes for a Happy New Year to everyone who contributed to our triumphs in 2014. I look forward to your dedication that will keep us on a positive path for 2015!

Happy New Year,

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